About Us

About US

The Wenholz House recovery homes provide housing and living quarters for individuals that posses a strong desire for reintegration into our local community. People in substance abuse recovery, fell the need to stay with one another to offer support, stay sober, and continue working on their program. Wenholz House provides safety, sobriety and support for souls in need seeking detox and treatment aftercare, which is an important part of any recovery program. Wenholz House coalitions with many agency's including treatment and mental health centers so residents with a common desire for sobriety can support one another in a spiritual program of recovery while in appropriate after care. 

We strive to allow an individual to develop a strong foundation of self-interest, resulting in a desire to achieve a higher standard of living, and exercise a positive attitude as he or she continues to grow in a productive role for the betterment of our society. Our target populations are recovering alcoholics and addicts who have an understanding of their addiction and a commitment to recovery.

Our goals are to explore and address the individual's behaviors or risk factors that appear to be related to substance use, and to assist the individual in recognizing the harmful consequences of substance use. The expected outcome is to prevent and eliminate the use of harmful substances, and regain a higher and more meaningful place in our society.